Who we are

Inside Travel is a project of The Business Machine Association (www.business-machine.org), an officially recognised Swiss non-profit structure. We are not a classic tourist agency. Our aim is to use interactive, social tourism as a possibility to bring development to the countries we visit. Instead of giving aid, we are promoting partnership based on mutual interests. We want to create opportunities for all those who prefer to take risks and initiative instead of being dependant on aid.
Inside Travel is carried out by a mixed European-Ethiopian team. While we generate income for our local team members, the European side consists of a team of dedicated volunteers – professionals with a different background but the same vision and motivation, which makes Inside Travel a unique project.

Abiye Ghenna

Education: Management Degree, Bhopal University, India
Role at Inside Travel: Project Coordinator Ethiopia
“It’s been a long time since we looked after the community and to our Earth so now it is time for everyone to contribute to sustainable development. This is the only way to pass this planet to the coming generation.”

Diana Gigova

Education: Master of “European Science and Social Studies”, Sofia University, Bulgaria
Role at Inside Travel: Project Coordinator Europe
„In Ethiopia I have seen the positive effects of aid as well as the negative ones. And sometimes I wanted to tell those who made this damage to go back and to fix it. I am convinced that people can find opportunities themselves, and I see our role in opening the path to do so.”

Wondimagegn Temessa

Education: BA in Business Management, ZEGHA Business college Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Role at Inside Travel: Account Manager Ethiopia
“One of the main motives of my involvement in this project is to stimulate social tourism, cooperation between Europe and Ethiopia and – in the future – to develop partnership and transfer best practice experiences.”

Reto Meili

Education: Postgraduate in Development and Cooperation, Polytechnic Institute ETH Zürich
Role at Inside Travel: Development and Tourism Consultant
“I am convinced that a social entrepreneurship approach in tourism has a great potential for development, not only in Ethiopia, but in many other countries on this planet.”

Catherine Pfeifer

Education: PhD in agricultural economics and land dynamics, Wageningen University the Netherlands
Role at Inside Travel: Rural Development Consultant
“Tourism is a promising tool for market based solutions for rural development. However, in developing countries, new approaches are needed to insure that rural communities can truly benefit. I want to develop and implement these new approaches so that tourism becomes a tool for rural households and their community to lift themselves out of poverty.”

Nabila Vollmeier

Education: BA in Marketing and Tourism Management, QMU, Edinburgh UK
Role at Inside Travel: Communication and Marketing Officer
„I have a deep passion for travelling but I strongly believe it should be done responsibly, where benefits are reciprocally exchanged between the host and the traveler. Through Inside Travel I can share, as well as enrich, this passion together with a team who believes in the same values.“

Alessia Camponovo

Education: Bachelor of Applied Sciences – Practical Nursing and Head Nurse, HESAV – Haute Ecole de Santé Vaud
Role at Inside Travel: Communication and Marketing Officer
“As a future care professional, I deeply believe in Inside Travel in two major ways: The first is our capacity in the society to prevail rooted values. The second is that I also strongly put hope in every human being. So it is through this philosophy that I see the power of responsibility and sustainability in Inside Travel.”

Stephan Brun

Education: Master of Economics, University of Bern
Role at Inside Travel: Administrative and technical support, consultancy. 
„I believe in the power of innovation triggered by free markets. At the same time I am convinced that this planet needs more socially responsible leaders. 
Inside Travel combines these two visions into a powerful tool for change.”

Is this you?

Maybe, you want to be part of the Inside Travel team? We offer possibilities to get involved as a volunteer and are looking forward to discussing them with you.
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