Interactive trips to Bulgaria, Ethiopia and Kenya

We offer a unique possibility to travel and explore in a different way one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Ethiopia or Kenya.

The main part of our trips is based on sharing, interaction and exchange between the 'travellers' and the 'local people'. Our approach is based on work with local communities and supporting the ordinary people, who otherwise cannot have access on the local tourist market. 

You have the possibility to choose the way of travelling: be it in an organised group trips or as an individual module.

We can provide you an offer, based on your preferences, special requests, time and budget.

Individual Trips (modules)

Choosing this option would be the perfect for you, if:

- you want to explore only specific parts of one of the countries: Bulgaria, Ethiopia or Kenya;

- you dislike travelling in a group;

- you have limited time (the group trips take about two weeks);

- you simply want to try out different things (using public transport, hiking, etc.);

We offer you the possibility to design yourself your dream trip. We will just make it happens!

Give us your specifications, tell us your budget, and we will come up with an offer.
For the better orientation, please, fill in all your interests in the advance form of Inside Travel.
Soon (with the new version of our website), you will be able to find the description per country of the modules, we are offering.

If you are interested in something particular, which is not in our general module offer, please, let us know.
Have in mind that our reply, based on your request might take up to a week, as we need to coordinate it with our Ethiopian/ Bulgarian/ Kenyan partners.

Further information: We would like our clients to have a good understanding of our vision and trip aims,  therefore we are organising (when applicable) preparation meetings with them. If that is not possible – we conduct personal meetings, Skype talks, or we provide assistance via e-mail.
In case you have questions - don't hesitate to contact us for an individual consultation, be it through phone, email or a personal meeting: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Group Trips

The following list gives a first impression on how our group trips look like:

We offer a balance programme of interactive activities, exchange and sharing with people, exploring the country elements and visiting of touristic attraction. We have established good relations with several communities in Ethiopia and Kenya, and work with small villages in Bulgaria. We choose the places we visit, also based on the seasonal offers.

Duration: Depending on the destination and route, between 10 and 14 days (plus arrival and departure day).

Group size: from 6 to 12 participants
Language: The main language for the trips in Ethiopia and Kenya is English. However, an accompany German speaking person from Inside Travel will be together with the travellers. 

In Bulgaria German-speaking accompany person can be organised for the whole trip period. 

Organisers: We conduct the trips with our local travel agency partners. On the spot our team usually consists of one local and one Inside Travel organisers. We are working with up to 5 local culture brokers per trip, who translate, support the travellers and give insights of their everyday lives.

Programme: The preliminary programme for each trip will be provided at least 3 months before the start of the trip. The programme will be complied with the specifics of the time, set for the trip (special Holidays, rainy season, etc.)

For your better orientation, you can see some impressions from the interactive trips in Ethiopia in the Past trips section. 

Costs: The price per trip covers all the trip related costs, such as: accommodation (also during the arrival and departure day), all common meals, transport during the trip (including local flights, if such), transfer from the airport, entrance fees for all common activities, handicraft workshops costs.

Not covered in a trip: Flights to and from the destination, visa costs, vaccination and medical supplies, meals, drinks during the free time, specific tips. 

Inside Travel provides detailed explanation per trip offer.

Nevertheless, the price offer per trip is depending on the country, season, activities foreseen, the level of comfort (type of hotel/ guest house), the needs of local transport, the usage of domestic flights and the size of the group. For concrete destination, prising and programme overview, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Accommodation: Please, have in mind that the usual accommodation is in double rooms. If you would like to have a single room, additional to your trip costs amount will be charged. As the amount is different per each country and season, we provide accurate information to each group trip. 

Inscription: We kindly ask you to fill in our inscription form. We will contact you as soon as possible about the current status and the further details of the trip you have chosen. 

If you have specific, further questions, do not hesitate to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Extension of the trip: Inside Travel offers the possibility to add a 3 to 5 days 'classical tour' extension to your trip in Bulgaria, Ethiopia or Kenya. These offers are included in each programme we offer. However, if you have special wishes and interests, which are not included in our offers, we can help you to plan your stay. Please, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about it, early enough to organise it with our local partner. 

Further information:

Inside Travel organises preparation meetings before each group trip, be it - in person or via Skype, e-mail or phone, in order to clarify all the special aspects of each trip and to provide accurate practical information. 

You can also check the Practicalities section for more information. 

In case you have further questions - don't hesitate to contact us for an individual consultation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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